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Since the mid 1990s the internet has been replete with hypothesis and speculation on the Christian Bible’s prophetic nature regarding the ‘man of lawlessness’ or ‘the man of sin’ aka. the beast, the number of the beast and the mark of the beast, http://biblehub.com/revelation/13-16.htm

In early 1997 I was blogging on this topic and am still blogging regarding this in 2016. The following is my 1997 blog page   http://www.reocities.com/Athens/olympus/7771/666.htm …that was a long time ago… in those days reocities was geocities … Since then we had the proliferation of RFIDs and micro-chipping pets has become a must and I must add that this is a good thing if one desires to bring his pet safely back home following the said pet’s escapade. However, Revelation speaks of a forced wearing (imprinting, tattooing, receiving) of the ‘mark of the beast’ on the right hand or forehead, please read through Revelation. And like all things forced one must regard this with suspicion, distrust if not disgust. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-31042477 ‘Office puts chips under staff’s skin’. Other technologies which could be used in times of severe oppression include tracking devices of every sort. Lest we forget the recent USSR and Stasi spying structures which depended also on neighbours or citizens spying on each other lest some new threat or ideology would emerge and bring to nought all the efforts of the elite. (New technology keeps popping up everywhere: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2372591/Google-planning-micro-chip-peoples-brains-Engineering-boss-says-sci-fi-style-technology-begin-helping-disabled-people-control-wheelchairs.html, https://sites.google.com/site/mindcontrolslave/brain-implant-victim-tips )

I can happily say that I am not the only one who speculates (or has speculated) on this ‘mark’, that is apart from 30 years of internet buzz, many, many years ago in a small pub somewhere in England (Oxford) a meeting occurred between certain Christian eminent writers and scientists, these being CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and Arthur C Clarke. The meeting occurred for the sole premise to discuss the BEAST, or better, the Beast’s technology. As one can clearly see weird people always had a say in these affairs.

Arthur C Clarke is well known for his contribution to science and amongst other things his wiki page says the following, “…Clarke contributed to the popularity of the idea that geostationary satellites would be ideal telecommunications relays…” first describing this in 1945 (albeit Nikola Tesla having suggested similar technology way before this date) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_C._Clarke#The_Geostationary_communications_satellite Dr Clarke was peeved when reading CS Lewis’s Space Trilogy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Space_Trilogy .

‘Peeved’ because in CS Lewis’s Space Trilogy (which was written as a result of an agreement between himself and JRR Tolkien – Tolkien had to produce a time-travel story/essay – while Lewis a space-travel story which resulted in ‘The Cosmic Trilogy’) Lewis created an evil scientist who was at first completely atheist and later transformed into a spiritualist – an adherent and follower of the chief spirit of the planets, I fail to describe that scientist better. The scientist kidnaps Ransom an English language philologist (just like Dr Lewis & Tolkien) and transports him to a planet with the sole intention of mining its precious metals – gold. Story apart here is copied and pasted Arthur C Clarke’s own words on the space-trilogy and CS Lewis –

“Less sympathetic to our aims was Dr. C. S. Lewis, author of two of the very few works of space fiction that can be classed as literature -– ‘Out of the Silent Planet’ and ‘Perelandra’ (and may I add ‘The Hideous Strength’). Both of these fine books contained attacks on scientists in general, and astronauts in particular, which aroused my ire. I was especially incensed by a passage in ‘Perelandra’ referring to ‘…little Interplanetary Societies and Rocketry Clubs’…” http://oxfordinklings.blogspot.com/2007/06/arthur-c-clarke-cs-lewis.html

Well weren’t the societies ‘little’ in those early days? Those societies were so little that when the German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wernher_von_Braun worked with his American counterpart (pre-WW2) the American Government overlooked the whole matter, considering that the whole rocket science issue was irrelevant. However when NAZI V2 rockets landed on London the whole matter was viewed differently of course. If the American government of the time didn’t waste much effort in developing rocketry for offensive measures why should Arthur C Clarke be annoyed at CS Lewis’s comment, a man who lived in those same pre-ww2 years?

If one had to read through the space-trilogy ‘The Cosmic Trilogy’ it would seem clear that CS Lewis does not criticize astronauts or space travel, however, he conjured evil astronauts and evil scientists. And why not? we obviously do know for certain that such evil can penetrate anyone’s minds including men and women of science and this ‘phenomenon’ has occurred and will keep occuring. Actually if I may add, Arthur C Clarke was somewhat happy to mention that CS Lewis’s wife was “… one of the White Horse gang…” http://tothelastword.com/interviewer/arthur-c-clarke/ “4: An 18th C. pub at 52 Broad Street, Oxford, near the entrance to Balliol College. A group overlapping with the Inklings (C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams and other writers and teachers) met there during WWII. The pub is also thought to have been the favourite of Inspector Morse.”

‘… A group overlapping with the inklings…’ – that is the description given in the website, however, the Inklings met at the University on Mondays and at the pub on Thursday mornings, and the pub was actually ‘the pubs’ for they met at different pubs. I am not too sure about this statement being that the ‘white horse’ was an overlap of the Inklings, for ‘white horse’ always conjures up in my mind bizarre philosophies associating ‘the white horse’ with the Apocalypse’s horseman – in this case the white horse – with the antichrist ie the beast, because the white horse (and especially its rider) seem to be equivalent with and represent ‘victory’ or ‘victory at all costs’. Though, in my humble opinion I honestly think that if this were the case people have this interpretation quite pretty wrong. For the horsemen in the Apocalypse, aka Revelation, are chastisements emerging when the good Lord (Jesus Christ) breaks the 7 seals, but who am I a sinner to interpret this passage properly? If this were so then the man of sin or the man of absolute victory is nothing more than a preordained chastisement prophesied since the early days of the Babylonian Empire, not much of a new and unexpected thing I would say. https://catholicsouthernfront.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/daniels-prophecies/

Anyway, antichrists and horsemen apart lets get back to the meeting at that pub in Oxford. Arthur C Clarke goes on, “…an extensive correspondence with Dr. Lewis led to a meeting in a famous Oxford pub, the Eastgate… Needless to say, neither side converted the other. But a fine time was had by all, and when, some hours later, we emerged a little unsteadily from the Eastgate, Dr. Lewis’ parting words were, ‘I’m sure you’re very wicked people-but how dull it would be if everyone was good’. ” … quotes need proper referencing so here you go, I’m copying and pasting this comment too, “Cybrarian said…

Everyone on the internet seems to be citing this quote from the wrong date. Please correct this. Correct citation is Holiday, May 1963, v. 33, issue 5, pp. 94-95, 175, 178, 184. Title and author are correct. Quote cited is on page 175.” http://oxfordinklings.blogspot.com/2007/06/arthur-c-clarke-cs-lewis.html

Elsewhere, over the vast internet we can also read the following:

“Arthur C. Clarke was a a relentless advocate of the exploration of space from the mid 1930s forward. Again mid 1930s was indeed pre WW2 and yes they were hobbyists those rocket science societies and no one actually took them seriously (apart from Herr Hitler of course) Arthur C Clarke corresponded with C.S. Lewis,who, in addition to writing one of the best fantasy books ever written The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, wrote Perelandra andOut of the Silent Planet – two good SF novels. Lewis believed that it was bad to spread the evils of humanity to other worlds. He thought that the history of man was one long evil conquest of the earth and that it would be terrible if we started conquering other beings in space. Clarke and Lewis finally met in a pub to argue it out – with the help of a few pints.”

Considering that Hitler used rocket science to attempt his NAZI destruction of London I suppose that Lewis had a point (& a pint) when conjuring an evil scientist didn’t he?? What about Arthur C Clarke’s great optimism and great vision? wasn’t it slightly skewed in favor of those great promises and visions we seem to fall in love with before such technologies are actually used against us? And if so then the technology of the Beast is today a very well known matter indeed and this same technology is permitting blanket surveillance on a planetary level, which I must add is very insecure and is creating those ‘prison-like’ conditions mentioned clearly in Revelation. Add cashless transactions and a possible world dictator to the sociological/political/religious soup and Revelation has unravelled before your very eyes!!

From Voices in the Sky by Arthur C. Clarke:

An extensive correspondence with Dr. Lewis led to the a meeting in a famous Oxford pub, the Eastgate. Seconding me was my friend, Val Cleaver, a space buff from way back (and now chief engineer of the Rolls Royce Rocket Division). Supporting Lewis was Professor J. R. R. Tolkien, whose trilogy, The Lord of the Rings created a considerable stir a few years ago. Needless to say, neither side converted the other, and we refused to abandon our diabolical schemes of interplanetary conquest. But a fine time was had by all, and when, some hours later, we emerged a little unsteadily from the Eastgate, Dr. Lewis’s parting words were “I’m sure you are very wicked people – but how dull it would be if everyone was good.”

I am enjoying Voices in the Sky, but sadly I will finish it on this evening’s bus ride. ” http://www.cthreepo.com/blog/2009/04/arthur-c-clarke-vs-c-s-lewis-and-j-r-r-tolkien

So, pints and all, there was this debate between eminent minds where the notions of geostationary communications satellites were discussed together with the ideas that modern telecommunications would pave the way to the possible BEAST scenario, as described in Revelation. http://tothelastword.com/interviewer/arthur-c-clarke/

Many many years later what truly can we say? was JRR Tolkien inspired by this when he wrote the Lord of the Rings? Would the Ring be a sort of Mark of the Beast? Are the palantir stones akin to modern-day communications and can truly Sauron control Saruman’s mind through such palantir? how would the future ‘internet of things’ fit into this world-view?

Well this is just the beginning, what about those outlandish theories on the Singularity and the unhindered evolution of artificial intelligence and synthetic biology ??


All this development is interesting if we had to also comment on the warnings issued today by Elon Musk and Bill Gates among others highlighting the possible dangers of ‘over’ developed artificial intelligence. Mr Musk dared also compare the rise of artificial intelligence to the ‘demon’ – why should we be surprised? The whole world has been twisted into submission by inter-continental legal treaties on the control of communications and the violation of every citizen’s privacy (obviously due to terrorism and for no other reason).

– http://techcrunch.com/2014/10/26/elon-musk-compares-building-artificial-intelligence-to-summoning-the-demon/

Bill Gates – http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/bill-gates-is-worried-about-artificial-intelligence-too/

Google’s Eric Schmidt doesn’t see it this way though! He prefers a world where the human being walks in a room and interacts with sensors, a ‘dynamic’ environment… Before the computer era, the internet and mobile telephone technology took over this world, spies used small microphones and little recorders and small miniature cameras, today this technology is everywhere (connected 24/7 thx to all our smart phone ip addresses), tomorrow with the dawn of the ‘internet of things’ we will see cameras and microphones in every home appliance beaming 24/7 via base station mobile technology to satellites and world data centers. At present the 3 snakes rule the environment of data collection and data capture being psychological warfare, the occult influence and artificial intelligence, soon the occult and the demon together with the supercomputer will cut off the middle-man that is mankind, it is already happening, cctv cameras from all over the world are streaming video data live to these new super computers which are feeding and learning …

Google’s Eric Schmidt – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2922460/Google-s-Eric-Schmidt-claims-internet-disappear-life-gets-connected-says-robots-WON-T-world.html

Google’s Deep Mind Plans to Create a Computer Able to Program Itself | The Mind Unleashed http://ow.ly/GCqIn https://www.facebook.com/britanniamalls/posts/1560189537526626

How The CIA Made Google Some background info on Google – http://www.mintpressnews.com/cia-made-google/201521/

There are many other factors and details which could have been discussed in this blog, how to end this better than to spare a few lines on the wild wild west the internet and the wireless internet have become. Many various states and aggressive countries have managed to collect data on state organisation and structures through hacking and through the acquisition (buying) of data in bulk from private companies whose sole aim is to record everything about any world citizen… this relatively new phenomenon could also speed up clashes and wars between age old rivalries and cultures resulting in none other than ancient wars of religion. Thus, artificial intelligence, the demon, the BEAST and the MARK of the Beast !!!

Lest we forget IBM ‘s involvement in WW2 – a perfect example how cold machines can loyally behave as subjects of the demon aka the Beast – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_during_World_War_II

An American researcher by the name of Texe Marrs wrote this book titled ‘Project LUCID’ in 1996, for those of you who prefer youtube here is Mr Marrs updated research, mind you he doesnt’t seem to be a reptilian, nor from Mars (though this man might be anti-Semitic and I do not condone his views on this matter) – Project LUCID – LOGICAL UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATIONS INTERACTIVE DATABASE – http://youtu.be/vCHclFci16M



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